The Lion King (2019 film)

Posted 2019/08/191950

A Jon Favreau film starring Donald Glover, James Earl Jones, Beyoncé Knowles, Billy Eichner, Seth Rogen, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Keegan-Michael Key, Alfre Woodard, John Oliver, Eric André. Kind Adventure lasted 118 minutes. Production in the US 2019. Released in theaters: Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Simba is the future king, the pup of Mufasa, feared ruler and 16, who does not seek war and knows stay within the broad confines of their own kingdom. But there were tits in the shadows to subvert the order constituted and future promises: it is Scar, the undised younger brother of Mufasa, a stain of the most atrocious crime and a taking power by deception. Exiled and society a wrong to be responsible of the end of his beloved father, Simba lontan grew up from the Rupe dei Re, and the past a look for him and an a’ indictment of his own.

The plot of the Lion King is well known, are his famous songs, the highlights, the jokes of Spirit. You won’t find anything different in the updated and photorealistic version of Jon Favreau, who cast of the original makes a flywheel but also, unintentionally, a boomerang.

If ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in live action and CGI showed up are a viable alternative to its animated consideration, if the remake of ‘The Jungle Book’, by Favreau himself, is an revisiting, with no specific and its own application, neither of the two things, unfortunateally, it is said of the new ‘The Lion King’, which arouses the cost of the truth that sincere.

S, on paper, the idea of a dive as realistic as possible in the wonders of Savannah and her creatures insiserie an athletics of navy, the extraordinary use of CGI penalizes the film, questioning the general meaning of such a remake. The animal elma 7Vad for exclusive anthropo-sympathetic purposes, taken with a language that does not belong to them, resounds and and in their tout court nature, without that filter of the ization, which was just of the pro-pro-elm, intervene in the middle to make us smile of the operation. And the makes that the film doesn’t foresees presence : humana (there is no Mowgli, so to speak) further amplifies it feeling of artifice.

After turning for a century to a distant other soul i create animated, Disney seems comcomsi here to “cart” the live animals, teaching them at all costs to replicate the framing and the lip of an animated fantasy. The few fins in words to the original nulladino the purge of the para-Nazi movements of hyenas on the music of “I’ll Be King”, the introduction of more squabbles of couple, and ancient gheddian sho to lengthen the duration, which he imposed himself without lightness on a film already among the pawns of the Disney renaissance.

“Knowing what i am but not that half the being, ” reads Hamlet, around whose archetype the fairy tale in ’94 by Allers and Minkoff stands out. Now I also know that ‘The Lion King’ aera of that, his double-kicked him from the throne.