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Deadpool (2016)

Deadpool is a dirty, disgusting movie and we love it

Sit back, relax, and enjoy Deadpool, an unpatronising, entertaining and completely filthy movie. 

Deadpool, the “chatted mercenary” usually to break the fourth wall, tends to ambush a convoy to eliminate Francis, the man who has terribly disfigured him. Deadpool himself invites viewers to learn about his personal history: two years earlier he was Wade Wilson, former special forces soldier who, after being dishonorably discharged, embarked on a mercenary career.

One day, after threatening on commission a stalker, Wade goes to the Shady pub for hired killers who usually attends, managed by friend Weasel: Here we organize periodically a lottery, called Dead Pool, where you bet on who will be the next to die. That same night, Wade meets a girl, Vanessa. Between the two the lightning strike is immediate, so that it blooms in a mutual love, in coexistence and finally in the proposal of marriage of Wade; However, after receiving the fateful yes, the man has a sudden curse that makes him stramazing on the ground.

Medical analyses reveal that it is suffering from terminal cancer to various organs. Vanessa doesn’t want to surrender and tries to be even closer to him, but Wade is devastated and hopeless. At Weasel’s Pub, he meets a mysterious “recruiter” who presents himself to Wade, who is aware of the past in the mercenary special forces and claims to be able not only to get him cured of cancer, but to give him powers Superhuman: Turn it into a superhero. Wade gives no credit to the man, from whom he leaves, but, for an afterthought, decides to attempt this last resource, abandoning Vanessa in the middle of the night.

The medical laboratory in which it is carried is managed by the ruthless English physician Francis Freeman (known under the pseudonym Ajax) and his minion Angel Dust, and turns out to be a sort of mutant factory in which desperate people undergo repeated Torture sessions and inhuman treatments to forcibly emerge the X Gene, force them to wear a collar and make them “super-slaves” for sale to the highest bidder. Ajax itself is a mutant, with increased reflexes and can not feel any pain but, as a result, no longer proves any emotion. Following the extreme torture of a hyperbaric chamber, which gives him the minimum amount of oxygen to survive, Wade wakes up the mutant gene, which gives him an extraordinary regenerative factor, thus healing him from cancer, but Deturpandogli Horribly look.

During another session of torture, Ajax mocks Wade for his new appearance, claiming he can cure the side effects on his face, but not wanting to do so. Wade then hits Angel Dust with a warhead to secretly steal a match that, on and thrown into the oxygen conduit, blows up the wing where he was imprisoned. So he hurling himself violently against Francis, but in a failed manner, remaining stuck and trapped in the burning building. Wade is believed dead but, in fact, the reinvigorating factor has kept him alive. Wade decides to stay away from Vanessa for his looks and, assuming the identity of Deadpool (in honor of the lottery of Weasel’s Pub) and devised the costume to mask the identity and sores that afflicts the body and the face, begins to hunt the members of the Orga Francis to find the latter, believing him to be the only one who can make him return to his original appearance.

Here the story goes back to the present, with the arrival of two X-Men, Colossus and warhead mutant Negasonica, who intend to recruit Deadpool to “redeem”, which to the latter does not interest. In the discussion, Francis manages to escape. So Wade comes back down to his current and dilapidated home that he shares with Al, an elderly and blind lady passionate about IKEA furniture, previously known in a laundromat where he gave him the advice to dress in red to hide the Bloodstains. Meanwhile, Francis arrives at Weasel’s place in search of Wade and discovers an instant photograph with Vanessa, deciding to hunt her down to ferret out Deadpool; The bartender immediately warns Wade and the two arrive at the night club where the girl works. Wade, sure that his new and terrible appearance will frighten her, has a moment of hesitation, which facilitates the kidnapping of Vanessa by Francis in the back of the club.

Deadpool, infuriated, goes to the X-Mansion to ask for the help of the X-Men in exchange for his adherence to their group, rediscovering Colossus and tested: The three then go to the lair of the Organization at a shipyard to dispose of an aircraft carrier, where Vanessa is captive. Colossus and Warhead manage to defeat Angel Dust and the henchmen of Francis, while Deadpool knocks down the latter, left agonizing on the ground; The English mutant, as a last, extreme provocation, contemptuously asserts to Deadpool that he could never return his original appearance.

Deadpool, blinded by wrath, throws the gun and points at the face of Francis. Colossus urges Deadpool to spare Francis ‘ life, thus proving he can be a true hero, but Wade, in response, shoots his enemy in the face, claiming he never wants to be a hero. Finally, he finds peace in Vanessa’s love, which, though irate by the boy’s behavior, has never ceased to love him and who also accepts his new appearance.

In the scene after the credits, Deadpool comes out of a room in a bathrobe and turns to the spectators intimating them to leave the room; He adds that there will be a sequel with Cable and Fantastic on the eventual actor who will interpret it. Finally, remind them not to leave rubbish on the armchairs (this scene is a clear reference to the scene after the credits of a crazy day of vacation of John Hughes of 1986).


Deadpool full movie watch online free – A fast-talking mercenary with a morbid sense of humor is subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers and a quest for revenge.

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IMDb: 8.0